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DC Silvio Preußer

Raum 220 + 221SPreußer
Humboldtstraße 8
07743 Jena

Tel. : +49 3641 948189
        +49 3641 948945

Fax : +49 3641 948132



Silvio Preußer ist Doktorand in unserer Arbeitsgruppe.

Within my PhD thesis investigations are directed to novel catalytic intra-molecular ring closure reactions of nitrogen containing pre-cursors to obtain access particularly to new methodologies in the synthesis of N-heterocycles. 

The first studies will cover the reactivity and functional group tolerance of several substrates such as triazenes and amidines. In this context, dependencies towards the choice of the catalytic system, variations of coordinating donor atoms and reaction control by steric requirement of bulky substituents are of special interest as well as to gain insights into mechanistic details.

This work is performed in collaboration with Laborchemie Apolda GmbH and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Imhof, University Koblenz-Landau.