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Former Ph.D. students


  • Dr. Bernd Rademacher - Homo- and Heteroleptic Diorganylzinc Compounds and Triorganylzincates.


  • Dr. Manfred Hartmann - Reactivity of Homoleptic Bis(trimethylsilyl)amides of the heavier Alkaline Earth Metals and Yttrium.
  • Dr. Michael Wieneke - Synthesis and Reactivity of Heteroleptic Zincates.
  • Dr. Matthias H. Digeser - Synthesis of Substituted Alkaline Earth Metal bis(pentelides) and their Reactivity towards Triple Bond Systems.


  • Dr. Christin Birg - Substituted Alkaline Earth Metal Bis(pentelides): Homometalation Reactions as well as Reactivity towards Alkenes, Lewis Acides and Bases.


  • Dr. Tobias Bollwein - Metalation, Oxidative C-C Coupling and C-N Activation with Organozinc Compounds.
  • Dr. Mathias Krofta - Tri(tert-butylsilyl)pentelides of Alkaline Earth Metals, Tin and Indium.
  • Dr. Christian Gueckel - Substituted Alkaline Earth Metal Bis(pentolides) and Bis(trialkylzincates).


  • Dr. Stefan Schneiderbauer - Pentelides and Penteldiides of Alkaline Earth Metal and Yttrium, Synthesis and Reactivity.


  • Dr. Sabine Weinrich - Trialkylsilylsubstituted Pentelides and Penteldiides of Group 1 and 13.


  • Dr. Manfred Oßberger - Synthesis and Characterisation of Pentolides, Diketonates and Heteroleptic Compounds of heavy alkaline and alkaline earth metals - Model Compounds for the Cleavage of O-C and O-Si-Bonds.


  • Dr. Alexander Nikolai Kneifel - Variation of the Oxidative C-C Coupling Reaction of 2-Pyridylalkyl Compounds and Synthesis of Alkaline Earth Metal Salen Initiators for the Ring Opening Polymerisation of Cyclic Ester Compounds.
  • Dr. Alexander Kalisch - Synthesis and Reactivity of Trialkylsilyl and Phophanyl substituted 2-Pyridylmethylamines and 8-Aminoquinolines.
  • Dr. Thomas Rotter - Oligomerisation properties of Trialkylsilylphosphanyl Trieles and Synthesis of new Phosphanide Ligands.
  • Dr. Gerhard Sapelza - Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of Trialkylsilylphosphanyl Zinc and Zincate Compounds.
  • Dr. Rainer Kränzle - Synthesis, Characterisation and Application of new Alkaline and Alkaline Earth Metal Cyclopentadienides.


  • Dr. Brigitte Stein - Synthesis and Reactivity of Substituted Germolenes and Aminosilanes.


  • Dr. Martin Gärtner - Aryl Calcium Halides: Syntheses, Properties, Structures and Application in Inorganic Synthesis.
  • Dr. Christian Koch - Substituted 2-Pyridylmethyl- and 8-Quinolylamides as Ligands for Zinc(II) and Gallium(III) Complexes.


  • Dr. Martin Schulz - On the Synthesis of Tetradentate Ligands.


  • Dr. Tareq Al-Shboul - Reactivity of (THF)4Ca(PPh2)2 in Stoichiometric and Catalytic Reactions.
  • Dr. Sven Krieck - Concepts for stabilising metal-organic compounds of calcium and heavy s-block elements.
  • Dr. Dirk Olbert - Metallation and Redox Behaviour of C- and N-Substituted 2-Pyridylmethylamines.

Ph.D. theses from 2000 till 2006 can be downloaded from the library of the Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität Munich . To some extend Ph.D. these since 2008 can be downloaded from the the sites of the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences .